Pepperwood Life Fund specializes in providing solutions for diversification, high risk-adjusted returns, and low volatility through quality life settlement policies. The Pepperwood Life Fund works closely with investors in order to best match portfolio and financial needs.

Pepperwood Life Fund and its partners have a uniquely qualified team of specialists who have been providing mortality-based financial products and services to accredited and institutional investors since 2005.  The fund's business plan includes the assembly of pre-financed and re-insured “hold-to-maturity” pools of life settlement policies.

Life Settlement Policies

Life settlements are typically U.S.-issued universal life policies that have been purchased from insured individuals by investors interested in the policy proceeds offered upon the maturity of each policy. Elderly individuals, usually with impairments in health, often find it beneficial to sell unwanted or no longer needed policies. Selling policies to qualified third parties often results in the insured receiving an amount significantly higher than what is offered by insurance companies upon the policies’ surrender. The life settlement investor then becomes the new owner and beneficiary of the policy and associated benefits. The outcome is a high credit alternative asset for investors.

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